MacOS 8.1

CobraBoy (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 08:22:51 -0800

Got the GM last night. Installed it on my PB this morning.

Does some serioiusly funky things. Menu bar disappears, says Apple menu
items isn't installed when it is, etc. Clearly the yet again new Finder is
conflicting with God knows what.

I made a full backup of the disk and am just going to restore and wait for
everyone to fix whatever it is got broke this time.

(And just for the Ms people out there that might be jumping up and down
saying Apple blew it. If I boot into Apple's stock OS 8.1 it worked fine.
But I'm running a fairly tweaked system. As far as can tell OS8.1 seems
pretty neat. However it has conflicts with the tweaks that I run.)



It's a nasty world, Nancy.

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