H E L L O from Albuquerque: NT Unique HostID?

Andrew Stone (andrew@stone.com)
Fri, 16 Jan 98 17:04:47 -0700

Hello, you might remember me from the llamas on Rohit's last
x-country tour!

Dr. Ernest suggested I "check with all the brilliant Microsoft
people on the list for an answer" on this bit of unsolved arcania we
need solving:

On unix, getting the hostid is a trivial process.
On NT, we need to duplicate this functionality by acquiring an
unsigned long which is unique to that host - for example, the
ethernet card "en0" hardware address.

Is there any simple system call to do this, or do I have know way
more than I want to about the Ndis* functions? Or, heaven forbid, no
way to do this at all?

please respond to andrew@stone.com, since I'm just an occasional cc:
to FoRK!

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