Re: Metasearch engine for airfares

Mike Masnick (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 12:11:16 -0500

At 12:16 AM 1/15/98 -0800, you wrote:
>[WOW! Have my dreams really come true? Even without XML..?
> Well, not quite, as it turns out. It's a Windows plugin program sponsored
>theTrip, which as far as I know should give fair results, but isn't he
kind of
>holy-grail-end-user-web-integration we expect of WIDLish approaches. RK]
>If you have ever thought about buying an airline ticket online,
>you must check out the WebFlyer IntelliTrip program. This new
>service has recently launched to rave reviews. Load the IntelliTrip
>plug-in for your browser, and instantaneously search five of
>the leading travel Web sites for the best airfare. IntelliTrip
>brings back all the prices for you to choose, and booking is just
>a click away. As you have heard, every Web site has different
>prices, and we certainly don't want you paying more than you should.
>Who's got the time to search them all? We do:

It also didn't work particularly well during the beta test (just when I
needed it to). It was extremely slow, and then on a variety of tries
either gave me an error message, no results whatsoever, or just results
from one site, and this was after I gave it permission to take as long as
it wanted. Hopefully the release version is better, but in the end I found
it easier to just go to each of the five sites it uses and do the search