Re: TBTF for 1/19/98: With a whimper

CobraBoy (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 21:20:50 -0800

At 8:06 PM -0800 1/19/98, Gil Rimon wrote:

> Haha, as we say in Israel. Ha-Ha-Ha.
> Mr. Ganin has a point - Windows is very popular here, in Israel. However, a
> close examination of the market would have shown him something like 50% of
> the software in Israel is pirated, and windows is THE most popular theft.
> Before the internet era Israel was called "a one disk country" and by all
> means it should still be related as such. What Israelis do buy, in tons, are
> writable CD's. I'm not kidding - this product is a best seller here.


Why don't you just walk up and pull the Big King combo and fries out of
JoeBar's mouth?