Wood Pecker Cider

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@gambetta.ICS.uci.edu)
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 10:47:42 -0800

In case FoRK ever outgrows itself.

What started as a handful of Web
developers and designers getting together
at a bar to share their woes about
working online has, two years on, become
a group of mailing lists with more than
300 members, a series of meetings with
speakers ranging from Thomas Dolby to the
designers of Salon, plus parties,
bonfires, and copious amounts of
microbrewed beer.

Speaking of Microbrew, I decided to opt for a cider this time
around. 5-gallons of Trader Joe's raw apple cider, coffee filters,
8 cups bleached cane sugar, bring filtered concoction to a boil,
add sugar, continue boiling until it worts (sugar boils over
and impurities rise to the top), pour into 5-gallon glass arrowhead
jug; let settle until core temperature is less than 120F, add champagne
yeast, cap off with plug, tubing leading to cup with light bleach
solution to keep air contaminants out. It's gurggling away and
will be kegged in the next 2-4 days and should be drinkable within
another week. I just have to make up some new labels now. They
sell white grape juice now at these health food stores, I am tempted
to take all the remaining champagne yeast and experiment with all
sorts of different non-citrus juices. Any requests?