Re: "Bill makes all the important decisions here."

Seth Golub (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 13:05:30 -0800

Gregory Alan Bolcer <> writes:

> I recently recieved a check (last year) for $14 for a class action
> lawsuit against music CD makers that sued for assuming that the
> purchasers were automatically breaking the law and incorporating
> inflated prices in all the CD's they sold, they being Sony (I
> believe).

This is sad. You and everyone else who bought a CD knew how much it
cost when you bought it. You obviously thought it was worth the
money, or you wouldn't have paid it.

Now some people find out how Sony decides what price to ask, and they
retroactively don't think the CD was worth the money at the time
anymore and want some money back.

I still don't feel sorry for music megacorps, but this is pathetic.