Trust Ms Pt. 2

CobraBoy (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 10:13:07 -0800

> In the January 12 issue of Information Week, the article "Windows 98:
> Taking Shape." "Windows 98 is clearly designed to be an operating system
> for the mobile corporate market," states the author. But, FAT32,
> Microsoft's new filing system that will fill the gap between FAT and NTFS
> has one minor glitch: "While FAT32 can enhance the performance of
> applications that frequently access the hard drive, Microsoft suggests
> that user of computers that frequently go into the suspend mode may not
> want to use the new file system because they might lose data."

How cool is this?

Final? But teacher my computer ate my report....

I'd have that spreadsheet for you boss, but you had to get those damn
energy star computers with Win98...

Mr Jones, were sorry about all this. We have to take reports of child
pornography seriously, however we can find no such files on your computer.