Networking and Telecommunications Area Exam Reading List (Draft)

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Networking and Telecom Area Exam

Reading List (Draft)


Students are expected to know all of the material covered in CS 6380
(Computer Networks). In addition, the following courses will be helpful in
preparing for the area exam:

* CS 6385. Networking for Multimedia.
* CS 6386. High Speed Switching Systems.
* CS 8113. Broadband Telecomm Systems.


System Architecture

* Clark, Jacobson, Romkey and Salwen. An Analysis of TCP Processing
Overhead. IEEE Comm. Magazine, June 1989.
* Clark and Tennenhouse. Architectural Considerations for a New
Generation of Protocols. Sigcomm 90.
* O'Malley and Peterson. A Dynamic Network Architecture. ACM Transactions
on Computer Systems, May 1992.
* Turner. New Directions in Communications. IEEE Comm. Mag, Oct 86.

Traffic and Congestion

* Leland, Willinger, Taqqu and Wilson. On the Self-Similar Nature of
Ethernet Traffic. Sigcomm 93.
* Cox. Long-range dependence: A review. Statistics: An Appraisal, 1984.
* Jacobson. Congestion Avoidance and Control. Sigcomm 88.
* Jain. Congestion control and traffic management in ATM networks: recent
advances and a survey. Submitted to Computer Networks and ISDN Systems,
Feb 95.
* Ferrari. Considerations on the Insularity of Performance Evaluation.
IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, June 86.
* Caceres, Danzig, Jamin and Mitzel. Characteristics of wide-area TCP/IP
conversations. Sigcomm 91.
* Ferrari, Banerjea, Zhang. Network support for multimedia: a discussion
of the Tenet approach. Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, July 1994.
* Wallace. The JPEG still-picture compression standard. Communications of
the ACM, April 1991.

Media Access

* Kleinrock and Tobagi. Packet switching in radio channels: Part I -
carrier sense multiple access modes and their throughput-delay
characteristics. IEEE Trans. on Comm., Dec 75.
* Kleinrock and Lam. Packet switching in a multiaccess broadcast channel:
performance evaluation. IEEE Trans. on Comm., Apr 75.
* Maxemchuck. Twelve random access strategies for fiber optic networks.
IEEE Trans. on Comm., August 88.

Switching and Routing

* Turner. Design of a broadcast packet switching network. IEEE Trans. on
Comm., June 88.
* Deering and Cheriton. Multicast Routing in Datagram Internetworks and
Extended LANs. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, May 1990.
* McQuilan, Falk and Richer. The new routing algorithm for ARPANET. IEEE
Trans. on Comm., May 80.
* Dalal and Metcalfe. Reverse path forwarding of broadcast packets.
Communications of the ACM, Dec 78.


* Zhang, Deering, Estrin, Shenker, Zappala. RSVP: a new resource
ReSerVation Protocol. IEEE Network, September 1993.


* None specified for now.


* RFC 793. Postel. Transmission Control Protocol.
* RFC 791. Postel. Internet Protocol.