BeBop Released

CobraBoy (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 21:10:42 -0800

Ok my token stab at Kaleidoscope hacking is available.=20

Check it out at


To use these you'll need Kaleidoscope, and I hightly recommend 1.8.1
with Sys8. (These require System 8)

Also remember to pay the shareware fee! (To the Kaleidoscope authors.
These are free.)

Pass these around as much as you like, they're release!

Anyway about 'em.

In all honesty I can't stand the Sys8 windows. They just look to bulky.
The whole design is all wrong IMHO. So I created these as an

They are called BeBop because they are based on the tab windows of Be.
I like the tabbed windows a lot. Having a menu bar go all the way
across a window is such a waste of screen real estate, and with tabbed
windows I can "stack" things across the top of my monitor and just
select which one I want active.=20

However the Be Interface has one major problem. It's UGLY!=20


BeBop - Gray

This is the ultimate in "I want to look at what's in the window and not
the window." If you have a cheap monitor or a rig that only does 8 bits
things might not show up. It does use a pretty subtle color scheme.
It's very good for late at night when your eyes are tired.=20

BeBop - Blue

This is one I wanted to do for some time. If Be and OpenStep had a
child this is what it would look like. I like it A LOT. Run this and
convince Apple dweebs it's a version of OpenStep Mac that was laying
around NeXT.=20

BeBop - Black

Basically BeBop - Blue with black menubars and progress bar. More like
a child of Be and NeXTStep. <<g>=20

Let me know what you think about them.

See ya!