So-Called Slate Suppression and the Drudge Grudge.

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Thu, 22 Jan 1998 06:12:19 -0800

I'm sure more than half of you read Slate's "Today's Papers", so I'll
make this post brief. I just wanted to point out that in this
postmodern world, news sources OF news sources can both be castigated
for SUPPRESSING the news [passage 1 below] and be ignored for SCOOPING
the news [passage 2 below]. And journalists wonder why the public has
no respect for the mainstream media! I find "Today's Papers" and
"Drudge Report" to be so much more informative than the LA Times that
arrives on my doorstep each morning, that I'm cancelling my LA Times
subscription. Then I'll have enough money to subscribe to Slate...

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> Subject: Today's Papers - January 22, 1998
> Today's Papers From Slate Magazine (
> Monica Depression
> By Scott Shuger


Passage 1:
> The [Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal] story was first broken by late
> editions of yesterday's WP and LAT. ("Today's Papers" was castigated
> by numerous readers for having poor news judgment, or worse, a
> pro-Clinton desire to suppress news. The truth is much simpler: the
> story was held out of the early editions of the papers this column is
> written from.) Today, the Post slops the most at the trough, with nine
> different Monica missives.


Passage 2:
> This scandal makes blatant the degree to which the mainstream media
> holds a Drudge Grudge. None of the stories in the papers today
> credit him for anything, even though the Drudge Report last weekend
> reported Levinsky's name and that her allegations were on tapes in
> Starr's possession. In light of that alone, it's absurd that Mike
> McCurry won't even address questions that mention Drudge. After all,
> he still takes questions from Time--you know, the guys who explained
> how Richard Jewell bombed the Olympics.


> It's a little odd to realize that in this 25th
> anniversary year of Roe v. Wade the only sex organ that has the
> constitutional right to privacy is the uterus.
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