Re: Class of '98

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 15:52:31 -0800

[Adam, the FaQ cast of characters is getting waaaay out of date....]

Simon, I'm afraid I can only offer you conditional acceptance. You have been
added to FoRK-probation until such time as you cleanse your soul of silly
little prohibitions like promising not to flame anyone for bad spelling or

And yes, my child, you may stand now. Hold your head up high, you have joined
the 97% of the 3% :-)

Rohit Khare

PS. Excellent work in _Presenting XML_, as already discussed on FoRK... it
came in real handy in Basel yesterday in our XML talk. Speaking of which, have
any suggestions for additional tour dates for the dog-and-pony show at ?

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From: Simon North <>
Organization: Synopsys GmbH
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 10:16:29 +0001
Subject: Can I Play Too?

I won't suck up by saying how great FoRK is, you know that already.

I wanna delurk, I wanna join in ............. please, every so nicely
(see, I'm on my knees ...).

I'm Simon North - who? - well, tech writer (sorry, yes , shoot me
now). I helped write "Presenting XML", I also wrote XML chapters for
"Dynamic Web Publishing Unleashed" and "HTML4 Unleashed, Professional
Reference Edition"). I love XML - my kids even think he's a personal
friend (my wife thinks she's a mistress, but there you go).

I'm not a guru (sure I know what SUBDOC is in SGML -- and I even use
it). Yes, I've been connected since 1987 (ha, remember 300 baud
modems?), I created a company Intranet in 1990 (world's first, I
reckon, 'cept I didn't have a cute name for it then) ... and, hell,
if we're into personal confessions I even have a PDP-11 in my
basement (if it gets cold I just fire it up for half an hour; 4 kW of
CPU power consumption makes a great space heater). I'm a poor
mushroom+ that writes all those technical manuals you guys never
read. Maybe I helped on "Presenting XML" 'cos I wanted not to be read
by a wider audience?

Currently I work for Synopsys (you know, next door to Netscape in
Mountain View, Ca) ... but I work remotely (like, Aachen, Germany)
documenting high-level DSP design software.

Claims to fame: Learning Tai Ch'i, after a year's practise I can now
wave my arms around in public without feeling (too) silly. Flamed
Cantor & Seagle before anyone even knew who they were.

Let me in and I promise not to be boring, I promise not to flame
anyone for bad spelling or grammar and I promise to post any
interesting items from Germany and The Netherlands (where I live).

Can I stand up now, my knees are starting to hurt?

(+ mushroom: vernacular term for ill-informed worker, from joke "They
treat me like a mushroom. I'm kept in the dark and every now and then
someone throws some s**t on me.")

Simon North
COSSAP Technical Writer, Aachen, Germany

To be or not to be, those are the parameters.

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