Linux lines up for the enterprise

CobraBoy (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 00:17:07 -0800

Check out this great SunWorld article:

"Linux lines up for the enterprise"

By Rick Cook



Linux, the freely distributable Unix clone, is finding a solid
niche in corporations around the world. It is not Solaris, and
isn't designed for running the entire IT department, but it is
inexpensive, powerful, easy to install, and it can run on a huge
range of "obsolete" hardware, including old Sun workstations. As
a result, Linux is turning up on everything from print servers to
Web servers to data collection systems. And be sure to read our
sidebar, "<a name="return1" href="#sidebar1">One user's
experience with Linux</a>." It may inspire you. (3,500 words,
including two sidebars)