Re: Class of '98 [Robert Tenback]

Mike Masnick (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 18:09:01 -0500

At 02:44 PM 1/23/98 -0800, Rohit Khare wrote:
>I admit, I never even *imagined* a department of "computers and
humanities" --
>it might even have a balanced gender ratio!

Not quite there, but (I'm actually taking a course in that department this
semester, and I must admit the male/female ratio is probably 40/60):

The Interactive Media Group (IMG) at Cornell University is an
interdisciplinary research and design team directed by Dr. Geri Gay in the
Department of Communication. The goal of our research is to understand and
improve the expanding role of computers in communicating, learning,
working, and playing. We study how humans interact with computers, and how
technology can mediate communication. Information about our current
research directions can be found here.

Since 1985, the IMG has focused on the use of computers in schools and
universities in areas as diverse as engineering, entomology, language
learning and art history. We have also explored the use of computers in
museums, libraries, and corporations.

The IMG is currently involved with national and international
collaborations such as the Getty Art History Project, Digital Library:
Making of America, and the Global Digital Museum. The IMG receives funding
support from the Mellon Foundation, GE Foundation, Apple, IBM, NSF, and
private donors.