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Back in the day's when FoRK really was only Frends of Rohit Khare, Adam
would post these ramblings called Conspiracy Nation. Well we all sat up and
took notice when they went on about some conflict in the middle east that
was coming and it played out pretty much as this guy had said. I stopped
getting his newsletter about a year ago and have been to lazy or forgetful
to resubscribe. I found the latest and here it is in all it's glory. Also,
to offer a counterpoint is the latest LaRouche newsletter.

Read it and enjoy FoRKers, this is true old skool FoRK.

Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 11 Num. 70
("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick & Brian F. Redman

Taped conversations of Monica Lewinsky have her referring to Bill
Clinton as "the creep." Vice-President Al Gore is, of course,
the "veep" (vice-president). The mainstream press is "Little Bo
Peep" who has lost its sheep -- the public has grown wary about
what the newsfakers report.

Monica Lewinsky was placed in the Pentagon by Bill Clinton,
subsequent to her having served as an intern at the White House.
While at the Pentagon, Lewinsky sent letters and packages to
Betty Currie, Bill Clinton's personal secretary. Those letters
and packages reportedly contained topmost military secrets
relating to various U.S. military plots to remove
Commander-in-Chief Clinton from office. The Citizens' Committee
to Clean Up the Courts has given ongoing coverage to these
military plots and their collateral effects since 1995. For
example, the story on the sabotaged U.S. military Lear jet which
went down in Alabama, just two days prior to the Oklahoma City
bombings. Onboard were military brass planning to arrest Bill
Clinton, their Commander-in-Chief, for treason. Some of the
small number of Admirals and Generals who had been part of the
plot later fled the United States, right before the Democrat
Convention in August 1996. (See, e.g., CN 10.29, CN 10.35, CN

In CN 11.40 was covered news of a great victory for the people of
the United States, the defeat of "Fast Track." Working together,
the "left" and the "right" had helped stop the odious
legislation. The Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts has
learned that Bill Clinton had been given an ultimatum: "Push
through Fast Track -- or else!" The late congressman, Sonny
Bono, had secretly, skillfully, and charmingly lobbied against
Fast Track. In their fury at its defeat, America's secret rulers
may have ordered Bono to be killed. A local sheriff
investigating the scene of Bono's death indicates that Rep. Bono
died on basically =flat= terrain and away from the normal ski
trail. At about this time too, Sam "The Cleaner" Donaldson,
perennial shark, was transferred by ABC to cover the White House.
Mr. Donaldson is a "cleaner"; he "cleans" away, for example,
used-up, tired-out, damaged goods like "Lame Duck" Bill Clinton.

Now the mainstream press has mysteriously deigned to notice a
particular Clinton scandal, and are playing it up =very= big
indeed. But the mainstream press has played down or ignored many
of the other worse scandals surrounding Bill Clinton, so why are
they staring so hard at =this= scandal? And why =now=??

The crisis in the White House proves, once and for all, that
there are unseen forces controlling America. For almost four
years, so-called "Independent" Counsel Ken Starr has been
dragging his feet investigating criminal matters related to Bill
and Hillary Clinton. Regardless of political party, Americans
have to face the reality that we have a criminal couple appearing
to run this nation, with secret hands controlling them. Over the
decades, the Rockefellers have, in combination with America's
other ruling families, controlled the monopoly press. Wars and
economic depressions have been described as "accidental events,"
when secret manipulations were actually involved. And blackmail
and political murder have played a large role.

The Rockefellers have long itched to occupy the Oval Office. The
Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts was among the first to
uncover the secret plan to replace the White House team during
the Watergate period in the early 1970s. The plan was, first to
remove Vice-President Spiro Agnew and force President Nixon to
appoint Gerald Ford as the new Vice President. Facing
impeachment charges, Nixon resigned in 1974. The new acting
President, Ford, =appointed= Nelson Rockefeller as the Vice
President. Then, in 1975, President Ford survived =three=
assassination plots. Nelson Rockefeller came within a hair of
being President without an election.

Vice President Al Gore has survived fake scandal stories and an
apparent effort by the Secret Service to create a security vacuum
for a would-be assassin. Now, Nelson Rockefeller's nephew, Jay,
demands (as part of a secret deal) that upon the orchestrated
downfall of Clinton, that Gore, as the new President, agrees to
have Jay Rockefeller as the CO-President, a position more
powerful than Vice President and not provided for by the U.S.
Constitution. (In 1980, Gerald Ford tried to negotiate a similar
co-presidency with Ronald Reagan. But Reagan was summoned by the
Rockefellers and told, "You're going to pick George Bush.")

Is it time for Al Gore to buy more =life= =insurance=, huh?

- Bush Suspected in White House Scandal -
- by Edward Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg -

Jan. 22 (EIRNS)--In the midst of the worst global financial
crisis in modern history, the United States Presidency has come
under renewed, vicious attack from a combination of British and
nominally ``American'' Bush-league circles. This latest attack,
which one White House official long ago appropriately dubbed
``bimbo eruptions,'' centered around a Bush ``mole'' who was,
unfortunately, allowed to operate inside the Clinton
administration, and who now enjoys high-level security clearances
in her post at the Pentagon.
Linda Tripp, the central player in the renewed assault
against President Clinton--staged around a purported sex scandal
involving a young White House intern, Monica Lewinsky--was a Bush
administration employee from 1990, until Bush left office in
January 1993. At the urging of senior Bush administration
officials, including Transportation Secretary Sam Skinner, Tripp
was retained by the Clinton-Gore transition team in a clerical
position, and later assigned to work at the Office of the White
House General Counsel, under Bernard Nussbaum and his deputy,
Vincent Foster. All the while, she was operating as part of a
treasonous Bush-league ``fifth column'' within the Executive
While the ``Get Clinton'' media have attempted to portray
Tripp as ``apolitical,'' she was, in fact, an ally, from the Bush
administration period on, of then-FBI agent Gary Aldrich, the
author of a libellous book against President Clinton which also
revolved around bogus claims of White House sexual misconduct.
Aldrich was another Bush-league mole inside the Clinton White
House. His embarrassingly fantasy-ridden book has been trumpeted
by the London-based Hollinger Corporation, the leading British
Crown media cartel; by its subsidiary, American Spectator
magazine; and by ``Get Clinton'' bagman Richard Mellon Scaife.
Tripp emerged in 1995 as an asset of Whitewater Special
Counsel Kenneth Starr, testifying before the Whitewater grand
jury and later before a Congressional hearing on the death of
Vincent Foster. When Lloyd Cutler replaced Nussbaum as White
House General Counsel, Tripp, who by then had been widely
identified as an unabashed political enemy of President Clinton,
was reassigned to the Pentagon, where she eventually got an
$80,000-a-year job, which also involving her getting top-level
security clearances. Tripp claimed, to anyone who would listen,
that she had been transferred from the White House because she
``knew too much about Whitewater,'' a patent lie.
Commenting on the role of Tripp as the linchpin in the
latest Clintongate assault, Lyndon LaRouche called today for
Tripp's security clearances to be immediately pulled, pending the
outcome of a thorough probe of her role in the sordid affair.
``She obviously needs her security clearances immediately pulled,
given her role in what has all the earmarks of an illegal attack
against the President, ostensibly on behalf of partisan
Republican forces. I would certainly hope that there is no one in
the Pentagon who would countenance such an obvious assault
against a vital American institution, the Presidency. I would
expect such treachery from the editorial page writers at the Wall
Street Journal, but not from our military.''

- An Earlier `Eruption' -
In the summer of 1997, Tripp surfaced again as part of an
effort to ``Profumo-gate'' President Clinton, telling Newsweek
magazine that the President had sexually harassed a White House
aide, Kathleen Willey. Willey denied, under oath, that Tripp's
allegations were true. This prompted President Clinton's
attorney, Robert Bennett, belatedly, in August 1997, to denounce
Tripp as a liar.
While working at the Pentagon, in late 1996, Tripp had
already begun to cultivate a close relationship with a former
White House junior staff aide, 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky, who
had been recently transferred to the Defense Department. It is
unclear how the two women came to meet, but in short order, Tripp
began to exert a significant amount of control over the young
woman. Tripp should be forced, under oath, to detail the
circumstance under which she met and befriended Lewinsky.
Tripp soon betrayed Lewinsky's confidence by
surreptitiously--and, probably, illegally--taping telephone
conversations with Lewinsky.
By December 1997, Tripp and Lewinsky had {both,}
mysteriously, been subpoenaed to give depositions to attorneys
for Paula Jones, in her civil lawsuit against President
Clinton--a lawsuit instigated by British Intelligence operator
and former Sunday Telegraph Washington bureau chief Ambrose
Evans-Pritchard. How Jones's attorneys came to know of the
existence of Tripp and Lewinsky is one question that may hold a
key to Tripp's role in the present attack against the President.
It should be recalled that, prior to being named the independent
counsel in Whitewater, Kenneth Starr had been paid by Richard
Mellon Scaife, through the Landmark Legal Foundation, to prepare
an <cf2>amicus curiae<cf1> brief in support of Paula Jones.
Tripp claims that, on Jan. 12, 1998, she took 20 hours of
tape-recorded conversations with Lewinsky to Whitewater Special
Prosecutor Starr. The next day, Starr arranged for Tripp to
secretly tape her meeting with Lewinsky at the Ritz Carlton Hotel
in Pentagon City, Va.
At the time that Starr arranged for the FBI to secretly tape
the Tripp-Lewinsky meeting, {he had absolutely no jurisdiction to
probe President Clinton's relationship to the former White House
aide.} Indeed, it is critical that a full-scale probe be
conducted, to determine whether Tripp, who was in league with
Starr from 1995, was taping her conversations with Lewinsky on
her own, or, covertly, on behalf of Starr. At minimum, Starr
vastly overstepped his jurisdiction; far more likely, he himself
broke the law--along with Tripp--in a flagrant attempt to entrap
and destroy President Clinton.

- No U.S. Precedent -
In the 200-year history of the American Presidency, there
have been occasional sexual scandals involving top government
officials; however, never has such a personal scandal brought
down a U.S. President. There is only one country in the world
where heads of state are brought to their knees through such
tabloid scandal-mongering: Great Britain. In the 1960s, the
Harold Macmillan government was brought down by a sex scandal
involving Defense Minister John Profumo.
It is, therefore, not surprising that a review of the
various Clintongate scandals, from the 1993 so-called
``Troopergate'' affair to the present attack, reveals that
British Intelligence stringer and Sunday Telegraph reporter
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, has been the chief instigator. As early
as May 8, 1994, in a Sunday Telegraph column, Evans-Pritchard
boasted that he had been instrumental in getting Paula Jones to
file her civil suit against President Clinton. Evans-Pritchard
has elsewhere boasted that his assignment, on behalf of the
British Crown's Hollinger Corporation, has been nothing less than
the total destruction of the Clinton Presidency. Writing today,
in the pages of the Daily Telegraph, Evans-Pritchard openly
boasted of his manipulation of Paula Jones: ``My impression after
befriending her four years ago, before she took the momentous
step of suing the President, is that her motive was sheer rage.''
Evans-Pritchard's motive, in contrast, was a deep, abiding hatred
of the United States, and particularly, of the institution of the
U.S. Presidency. Anyone who joins Evans-Pritchard in this
now-unfolding assault upon the Presidency, is joining the ranks
of traitor Aaron Burr.
A thorough probe of this current insurrection, beginning
with a spotlight on Linda Tripp, is more than appropriate.


Like a ghost breeze through the eucalyptus trees, nostalgia's wake of melancholy reverie clouds the shitty past with tear-jerking slop about a time when mediocrity and conformity were next to in the 50's by Robert Williams

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