Re: Compaq to buy Digital for 9.6 G$

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 08:46:23 -0800

> Uh, like, the neverending rumours on this topic seem to be coming true.
> Or something.

I was talking to my friend about this topic this weekend. Unfortunately
we were speaking in the near vicinity of my buttinsky(*) uncle. My
uncle works for Boeing, which was formerly McDonnell Douglas and is
completely non-technical. When he asked me last year what computer
would I get, I told him an SGI dual R10k Octane MXI. He came back
3 days later and said nobody had heard of it, so I told him to
save his money and get a Dell. In the middle of the takeover
talk he puts forth the statement that Boeing is buying Dell.
This is hot news, a little odd of a takeover to say the least,
but consolidations work in mysterious ways (and afterall, he
does work for the submarine division of an aircraft company).
I question him about a little and then call my other friend to try
and confirm it. It turns out he was saying Boeing buys
Dell computers for him to use at work. Sounds like a scoping

Anyways, this acquisition has my blessing.


(*) Buttinsky is defined by Hugh Rawson's "Wicked Words" as
one who pokes into other people's business, a meddler. "The friend
belonged to the Buttinsky family and refused to stay on The Far Side of
the Room." George Ade, Girl Proposition 70, 1902. See also
allrightsky, damfookski.