San Diego Show

CobraBoy (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:10:36 -0800

> Internet Showcase To See New MS Platforms
> [10:05AM] Attendees of David Coursey's second annual
> Showcase, which starts tomorrow in San Diego, will
>get a first-hand
> look at Microsoft's Auto PC and Palm PC, the two new
> CE 2.0-based reference platforms unveiled earlier
>this month at the
> Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "As the Auto
>PC and
> Palm PC make their first ever appearance at a
>computer industry
> executive conference, we hope that attendees will
>see how these new
> PC Companions increase their options for accessing
>and using
> valuable information, wherever they are," said Harel
> general manager, consumer appliance group at
>Microsoft, in a
> statement.

Ok, road trip in the Pontiac, show, TJ and back.