Re: Clinton

Roy T. Fielding (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 22:47:10 -0800

>Ridiculous. Starr is letting the Jones lawyers do all the
>tabloid work and just stepping in to address the more serious
>matters. Usually a judge would suspend an investigation (Jones)
>in lieu of a more serious charge and let the more serious one
>continue, but Jones' lawyers are going full speed ahead. Next
>up to the plate? Sheila Lawrence. Jones' lawyers will depose
>her regarding her alleged affair with Clinton. Starr's office
>will be watching this to determine whether her husband's
>appointment to the Swiss Ambassadorship or burial plot in Arlington
>were to buy her silence and cooperation in keeping a lid on
>bimbogate. Tell me these aren't seriouse crimes, not the sex
>mind you, but the subjugation of laws regardless of it was
>to avoid embarrassment or conceal a crime, is still illegal.

Ptthht! Those aren't serious crimes. They aren't even a good mini-series.
Ambassadorships go to personal friends and whoever has the most money
to give. Besides, all these allegations only prove one thing -- that
Starr is using the press, particularly the tabloids, in order to
create an environment of persecution rather than a case for prosecution.
A real criminal investigator is not allowed talk about facts pertinent
to an ongoing investigation, let alone release illegally-obtained
tapes of a private conversation to the press.

The right thing for the press to do at this point would be to point out
that harrassment and publication of private information are also crimes.
Of course, they won't do that, since it would cut into their own business.


BTW, the Jones case is a civil suit, not a criminal investigation.