Re: Clinton

CobraBoy (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 09:10:53 -0800

Gregory Alan Bolcer sometime around 8:17 AM -0800 on 1/27/98, hammered
this out:

> Ah, you just made me think of another take. Wild speculation
> by the media leads Starr's investigation on a wild goose chase
> that leads to multiple witnesses retracting their unofficial
> comments to the media when brought under the scrutiny of
> legal procedure and Kenny boy gets caught holding the
> embarrassment, slinks off to Pepperdine with his tail
> between his legs which was the intent all along.

This was mentioned on another list. You a VoXerS lurker?

> > CobraBoy writes:
> >
> > Thank god someone finally noticed this other than me. Is everybody such a
> > fuckin' idiot they don't know the difference between Civil and Criminal.
> Not to go back, but I can't help but feel I'm being indirectly flamed
> here, so let me just refine my poorly worded initial post:

How do you figure? Is it the "god someone finally noticed this other than
me" part? Do you think I thank God for someone to flame?

> Usually they (judge/judiciary) will suspend a civil investigation
> pending the outcome of a more serious criminal investigation because
> the loss of liberty is of much greater value than the loss
> of money and thus takes priority.
> The whole television owning, OJ watching world knows the difference.
> I think there's something magical that happens to the press corps
> when they hear 'tapes' and 'coverup' in the same sentence, it's like
> a little tinkerbell waking them out of their apathy.

Pulitzer Prize whores.

> Does anyone know if a US Secret Service Agent can testify against
> his protectee? Aren't they legally bound to be neutral in all
> aspects like this to preserve the confidence? Dallas news is reporting
> they don't need Lewinsky's testimony to confirm the affair.

Well this is fast turning into a non issue. Washington runs off of pubic
opinion and the majority of Americans just don't care. They want Clinton in
and he is going to give a kick ass state of the union. Plus, now with my
main man Hillary running the show she is firing at the Republican right
which makes them look bad. Look at Newt and how he is staying way away from