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David Crook (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 11:59:11 -0800

Joe Barrera wrote:
> Thanks, Ronen. Most of us are new to the Inter Net and we're bound to make
> mistakes.
> Is there anything else we're doing wrong on this list? Please teach us more.
> Humbly yours,
> - Joe


Well, I've been using this Net thing for two months now (3 if you count
AOL). I'd be happy to give you a few pointers...

1) Use lots of smilies in your post, like this :-) it lets people know
if you are happy :-) sad :-( or if someone just shot a big hole in your
head with a 9mm *:-0

2) DON'T open any email with the subject Goodtimes, those are viruses
that are sent by nasty hacker people. I got one on my system and all my
software got 'sick', at least thats what the technician told me. I had
to re-install everything on my computer. If you get a warning note
about this from the government virus institute, email it to everybody
you know so they can be warned too!

3) Use software like 'Net Nanny' to keep you and your kids away from
nasty website. Be sure to be 'Net Safe' and not 'Net Sorry'!

Hope that helps, see you in cyberspace!


David Crook
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