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CobraBoy (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 16:58:38 -0800

At 4:51 PM -0800 1/29/98, Joe Barrera wrote:


> >> WTF? Since when has OC been part of LA???
> > It's all part of the great metropolis.
> Okay, well I grant you that by the GOUSHA-map-contiguous-yellow-splotch test
> that they are. But by the same test, so are Santa Clarita, Riverside, and
> San Clemente. And by the same test, Oceanside is part of San Diego.

No, Santa Clarita would be yes because it's on the outskirts of the valley
and many people that live there work in L.A. Same for Simi Valley.
Riverside is considered the "Inland Empire" by there own choosing. Which is
fine with everybody.

Oceanside is "North County" I have many friends in North County they want
to distance themselves from SD. Actually North County isn't bad, that being
LaJolla, Cadrif up to Solano.

> Actually, since San Clemente and Oceanside are about 15 minutes from each
> other, and factoring in the rate of sprawl/mile, we can conclude that LA and
> San Diego will be one super-fabulous metropolis in, what, five years?

Well that can't actually happed because of the USMC. It's funny how many
people live in OC and commute to SD. If you live out where Rohit is it's
only about 45 minutes drive.