TRAVELMAN strikes Oakland...

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 18:10:06 -0800

Well, I really, really, have to head up to the Bay Area to meet my family,
especially its newest member:

Anjuli Megan Corzine
January 24, 1998, 5:46 PM (same time to the minute that Shalini was born!)
7 lbs. 11 oz.
19 1/2 inches

(I haven't got the web page up, but maybe tonight, when I crack the mac

I was all set to drive up with Adam & Michelle & Clover, but Adam claims to
still have the flu from Zurich (he's been sleeping 18-hour days, which sounds
pretty normal to me!), and, while I did just spend $250 yesterday on the
Bonneville's brakes, I wasn't too thrilled at the drive.

I called United, on a lark, and got their "best fare" of $281. No go.

But later, I decided, hey, you never know, and went to and checked out @dealwatch, which is their metaindex
of all airline, hotel, and car Internet special weekend instant-purchase deals
(like those $330 LA-Paris trips I keep mentioning).

Voila! $69, LAX-OAK, and also $69 SAN-SFO. Really? I call united again --
nope, no $69 fare on the telephone, so it's just when you purchase at
So here we are (confirmed first class seats, no less :-)

AIR> Jan 31 UA# 2202 LAX --> OAK 8:15 9:34
AIR> Feb 2 UA# 2483 OAK --> LAX 8:00 9:19

I will be orbiting between my elder cousin's creche in Sunnyvale (408)
774-1948, younger cousin's in downtown SF, and my uncle's in Fremont. In
between, it would be cool to meet Ernie's parents, who are in from Chicago
this weekend, and Wendy, who has some photos for me, and assorted other
FoRKers, whom I may well have photos for :-)

Well, this marks my first online Internet purchase transaction, and it went
quite well, at least after UAL's !&^@# javascripts crashed netscape three
times. E-tickets completed in a few seconds, email confirmation within a
minute. Yeah, I know, *everyone* has already bought books from Amazon or
something, but I have been researching airfares on the Net for *two* years
now, and this is my first all-electronic transaction.

Now lets see if they credit me with those 500 bonus miles for booking with UA

Rohit Khare