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Rohit Khare (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 21:04:24 -0800

Paul Krugman replies to M. Mitchell Waldrop:

I am truly sorry that The New Yorker has not yet established a Web presence
so that we could include a link directly to the Cassidy piece. However, you
can get a pretty good idea of what the piece said by reading the summary of it
presented in "Tasty Bits from the Technology Front." Cassidy did not present a
story about one guy among many who worked on increasing returns. On the
contrary: He presented a morality play in which a lonely hero struggled to
make his ideas heard against the unified opposition of a narrow-minded
profession both intellectually and politically conservative. As TBTF's
host--not exactly a naive reader--put it, "These ideas were anathema to
mainstream economists in 1984 when Arthur first tried to publish them."


Keith, you go, guy! Woo-hoo! :-)

Now, if Krugman were to surf the web to find this page, would that be
ego-surfing, reverse egosurfing, or a triple axel?

Rohit Khare

PS. Nice to have a voice as famed as Krugman's in the camp of