The Ernie factor

CobraBoy (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 09:21:57 -0800

could it be...

> Windows Compatibility in Rhapsody: update
> Sources close to Apple Computer's Rhapsody development group have told
> Rumors that one of the factors contributing to Apple's decision to
>scrap the
> Premiere/Unified release structure of Rhapsody (now rumored to be
>called "Mac
> OS Enterprise," at least as a working name. MOSES is reportedly
>the affectionate
> nickname for Mac OS Enterprise Server) is that much work has been
>done to
> improve Rhapsody's security, and that of several APIs that will
>undoubtedly be
> very important to emulation/compatibility developers. Also talked
>about recently
> was some work done to those APIs to specifically assist the
>efforts of a certain
> Windows compatibility development company (who asked not to be
>named) in
> their efforts to produce a compatibility environment for
>Rhapsody/Intel as rapidly
> as possible.