CobraBoy (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 09:46:11 -0800

<color><param>0000,00D7,0000</param>> As a parent of children close to
Monica's age, I felt and continue to feel horror at the abuse of

> power and emotional anguish she has endured over a two-year period. I
am disturbed by the

> smear campaign that maligns Monica. She is a bright, caring, generous
soul one who has

> made poor choices. She was not a stalker, she was invited; she did
not embellish, the truth is

> sensational enough. Monica's moral compass is her own. She, as anyone
else, should not be

> forced to defend her private life as a carefully orchestrated
campaign is launched to discredit

> her. I firmly believe the truth will be her friend as the facts come
to light.

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Now please excuse me while I puke.



"All human beings are aware of the same truth.

The difference is in the way that we distort it."

- Woody Allen, "Deconstructing Harry"