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Tammy wrote:
> Dieting is inherently useless, especially for models. By reducing
> their caloric intake, their bodies go into a centuries old defense
> system: reducing metabolic rate. So in order to keep losing weight,
> they keep eating less.

The metabolic rate decreases by no more than 15 percent (ish).
Dieting is not useless. If you decrease your calories by > 15% and
maintain the same activities, you WILL lose weight.
Extrapolations to "they aren't eating at all", "kidney failure" and so
on are misleading, at best.

Tammy wrote:
> Now, we've all seen waif models like Kate-whats-her-face [...]
> I've never seen men go and buy those magazines, though

Adam Villani wrote:
> [...Cindy Crawford...] Is she a waif? I don't
> think so, and she's a lot more popular than Kate Moss.

As I already mentioned, I agree that waif models are not attractive,
that the current waif fad is not in touch with most people's ideas of
beauty, that the w. subsection of the fashion industry sucks,

However this thread started about Elle McPherson, who weighs more than
I do!:

Adam Villani wrote:
> [...Elle MacPherson...] she looked diseased or something. God, why
> does the fashion industry insist on their models looking like toothpicks?
> It's not attractive.

Perhaps we are just talking about a matter of degree. Your cut-off
line for attractiveness is apparently higher than mine.
I'd still take Anna Nicole Smith over Kate Moss any day! ;)

By the way, I just looked up the alt.supermodels FAQ entry on
Kate Moss. Here is part of it:

Her unusual appearance (and possibly her willingness to appear
nude, "It's just work") have, in a very short time, made her almost
as widely recognized as Cindy Crawford. She is a little too short
and thin to model clothes designed for the "standard" model's
build. This makes her less versatile and may limit her career's

While we're at it, here are the models whose weights are mentioned:

Hall, Bridget
Weight: 119 lbs (skinny, but not a waif)
MacPherson, Elle
Weight: 128 (58 kg)
Matthews, Lisa
Weight: 120
McCullough, Julie Michelle
Weight: 115
Moss, Kate
Weight: 95? (She claims to never weigh herself.)
Porizkova, Paulina
Weight: 59kg [130lbs -- Rob]
Rheaume, Manon *** ma-NO ray-OME ***
Weight: 135lbs
Ryder, Winona ***not a model, but we like her***
Weight: 103 pounds
Schiffer, Claudia
Weight: 127
Smith, Anna Nicole "Vickie"
Weight: 140 (I've also heard 155)
Taylor, Niki
Weight: 128 pounds
Turlington, Christy
Weight: 118
Weigel, Teri
Weight: 108

The average for this breath-takingly large sample is just over 120 lbs.

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