Re: is Unix dead?

Daniel Veillard (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 13:07:41 -0500

Note that Redhat got the Operating System of the year award
from InfoWorld :

And linux community got the Best Tech Support Award which
really proves that commercial suppport sucks for most products.

That's really not normal, when buying a software, you're not
purchasing a single sequence of 0 and 1's on a cheap media
but the knowledge which is behind this sequence. And unfortunately
commercial software fails to deliver it to end-users ... Maybe
if you're paying 100 times the actual price of the SW for a strong
support you get it right, but in that case that's really prove how
well funded the principles of the free software movement are. You
shouldn't pay for the software itself but for the knowledge, on
how it works, support, and the fact that this can be extended to
fit your needs.
The good point is that this requires to keep the knowledge in,
probably leading to even better salaries :-)