Re: is Unix dead?

CobraBoy (
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 10:52:38 -0800

The sundial shows that John M. Klassa at 6:19 AM -0800 on 2/2/98, sent
some bits saying:

> So, Compaq finally went and bought Digital for a fistful of

> Digital was one of the firms that launched the computer

> with their PDP-1 in 1961. The first was sold to Bolt Beranek

> Newman (BBN), who pretty much invented the Internet; the second

> donated to MIT, who pretty much invented the hacker approach to

> programming and life in general.

<excerpt><color><param>0000,00D7,0000</param>Although the prototype
seen by Rumors' sources was not running an operating

system (no current Apple OS supports the 64-bit,

next-generation CPU), a crude benchmark system was configured using

OpenFirmware (details here were sketchy, to protect the identities of
the sources

and the Apple/Motorola engineers who rigged the prototype on what
appears to be

an unofficial basis) to compare the system, running a 750Mhz G4 --

referred to as an "801" -- against a 300Mhz PowerPC 750-based PowerMac

Although the system was by no means indicative of how well operating

and software will run on top of the processors, the G4 -- with no
Level 2 cache at

all, vs. the G3 which had 1mb at 300Mhz -- reported numbers as high as

times those of the G3.

Also reported by the sources present at the informal event: there is
apparently a

low-cost/low-power version of the G4 in early development, to run in

and low-end computers. Its power usage will be similar to that of the
current crop

of G3s, and was referred to as the "803."


My puny little 250 mhz G3 did over 800 Kkey/sec on the RC5-64 client.
Seems hard to believe 6400Kkey/sec possible in a year or so.