RE: Purple Hazing

Joe Barrera (
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 14:18:06 -0800

>> Gee, just what we need, one more tacky "Microsoft == Nazi"
>> Thanks for raising the level of debate, Greg.

> Oh Please, Joe. You aren't buying into that Political Correctness
> phenomenon where science is invalidated by your political

I argued that DEC's demise said little about Unix's, and that one should
look to Sun and Oracle for a better indication of Unix's health. Sun and
Oracle are both still making quite large sums of money off of Unix, making
claims of Unix's death seem premature.

You didn't argue whether Unix was alive or dead. Instead, you once again
raised the association between Microsoft and the forces of evil (Nazism in
this case). Goebbels would well understand the affect of such repeated
associations. What at first seems absurd eventually becomes completely

Explain to me how I'm being "politically correct", or how your comments
didn't lower the level of debate.

- Joe