Cheap (Neat) Eats in LA

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Mon, 02 Feb 1998 20:43:22 -0800

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On this morning's United Shuttle, we had a whole bunch of 1K commuters
on board. I got a reference from a flight attendant to Cozy Mel's in El
Segundo, because she figured if I was requesting margaritias in flight
at 8:30 AM, I'd probably appreciate their tasting flight of seven
different margaritas. The only hit on the entire web for that name was
this list, presumably from la.eats. I think we'll have to work our way
down this list; there's lots of new names on it, for me.

Another place I have to go is Fred 62's, a ultratrendy gourmet 24hr
retro joint in Los Feliz.

Other news from the flight: more for the small-world file. Seatmate
mentioned dinner with Milo Medin, @Home's network architect (formerly at
NASA Ames (which, by the way, I hear is to be remonikered the NASA
Center for Astrobiology soon, reflecting the ascendancy of the Sagan
legacy in exobilogy and earth systems studies)). He's an exec at Young &
Rubicam, heads some board at UC Berkeley, so we also chatted about UC's
comparative strengths in networking research.

Oh, and I finally filled in my demographic bingo card. Across the aisle
I espied a well turned-out, successful, female, Indian, 1K flyer, ...and

Ah, well.


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List From Suzanne & Rex

1. 2424 Pico (excellent++/LA)
2. La Cachette (have heard it's good)
3. Vida (excellent/Silver Lake)
4. Toi's On Wilshire (very good/Santa Monica)
5. Pann's* (LA)
6. JiRaffe (have heard it's good)
7. Joe's (very good/Venice)
8. Tamara's Tamales* (Culver City)
9. Joe Joe's (have heard it's good/Sherman Oaks)
10. Sakura House (kushiyaki, not sushi/excellent/Culver City)
11. Quiche & Knish* (Beverly Center)
12. The Mandarette (very good/BH)
13. Chan Darette (very good/Marina del Rey)
14. Teaser's (good/Marina del Rey)
15. Mrs. Garcia's (very good/Culver City location only)
16. Matterhorn Chef (very good/Sherman Oaks)
17. Matisse (have heard it's good)
18. Picasso (have heard it's good/Santa Monica)
19. By Brazil II (good/Santa Monica)
20. O'Briens (good/Santa Monica)
21. Netty's (excellent/Silver Lake)
22. Yucca's* (Silver Lake)
23. Cafe (Deli) K Milano (very good/Brentwood)
24. Cozy Mel's (very good/El Segundo)
25. The Authentic Kitchen (very good/Brentwood)
26. V.I.P. Harbor Seafood (excellent/Brentwood)
27. Siam (excellent/Studio City)
28. Curry House (very good/BH)
29. Cafe 8 1/2 (very good/BH)
30. Paddingtons (very good/BH)
31. La Serenata (excellent/LA)
32. Abiquiu (excellent/Santa Monica)
33. Cafe Bizou (have heard it's good)
34. Cafe Pinot (excellent/downtown)
35. The Buffalo Club (mixed/Santa Monica)
36. The Gardens of Taxco (extraordinary/Hollywood)
37. Descanso (excellent/Manhattan Beach)
38. South Bay Fusion (very good/Manhattan Beach)
39. Fenix (have heard it's good)
40. Abbott Pizza* (Venice)
41. Red (very good/Santa Monica)
42. The Polo Grill (have heard it's good)
43. Barney Greengrass (excellent/BH)
44. The El Torito Grill (excellent/in BH, NOT to be confused w/ regular El
45. Planet Hollywood (BH location only, for the atmosphere only)
46. Library Ale House ((have heard it's good/Venice)
47. Obachine (have heard it's good)
48. Pangaea (excellent/BH)
49. Papashon (very good/BH)
50. Tucan (excellent/Culver city)
51. Little Europe* (BH)

* = TRULY GREAT cheap eats (have tried 'em all!)

updated on March 20, 1997