[Fwd: DunsterNet]

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 22:50:00 -0800

[This was after my exhausting night of egosurfing yesterday. Suitably
censored, though,. to protect the innocent --RK]

Mon, 02 Feb 1998 22:36:05 -0800
Rohit Khare <rohit@uci.edu>

Wouldn't bother you otherwise, but I just wanted to share what a cool
series of coincidences you triggered. I was talking today to a fellow
who's working on an Internet indexing scheme to sell to Disney Online,
so I thought again of you and thought, hey, let's punch that email
address into AltaVista. I found your pix at ------ page, and thence to
---- -------, and thence to his employer, which had an endorsement
from a colleague of mine at CommerceNet. He sounded pretty cool, so I
dropped him an email about my own days in Cambridge and geek stuff, but
to find his address, I had to punch *him* back into AltaVista, and
though I didn't find his email address, I found another ---------
employee's homepage. The third link on it was to an old flame of mine at
Caltech who I hadn't thought of in four years, and the fifth to a woman
I met at a conference in Paris two years ago and owes me $48 :-)

Her link was broken, though, so I punched *her* address back into
AltaVista, and along the way found out that another friend of mine from
highschool I haven't seen in six years [hi dug!] had a link to her, and
right below it, to a summer school program from Johns Hopkins I went to
*eleven* years ago... and found in their alumni directory three other
people I don't remember from the classes, but are friends and colleagues
of mine today. [Hi Seth!]

Whew. All from an all-but-accidental encounter twelve thousand miles
away for thirty seconds. It's a *small* world!

Just had to share,
Rohit Khare

PS. I promise I won't intrude on your time again... unless you'd like.