Re: The OMG/Microsoft battle gets a little personal

Daniel Veillard (
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 09:21:40 -0500

> > crux of the argument is cross-platform or not? Because MS has never
> > convincingly delivered on cross-platform promises. (I've heard enough
> > screams of swapping agony from IE4Solaris... and even that's only one
> > UNIX).
> I'm curious... how many UNIXes should one support if one wants to deliver on
> cross-platform compatibility? And which ones? Solaris, Linux, ???

That's one of the most annoying question MS can throw to the UNIX community
face, that's not the first time I heard it ;-)

My current answer is, MS should choose among these various options:
- Same platforms where Apache is available
- Linux (all Linux supported platforms of course :-)
- None
- ship the source

Of course this is a purely personal point of view.