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Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:01:23 -0800

> Bill Gates Gets Pie in the Face
> Wednesday, February 4, 1998; 11:42 a.=
> BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- Bill Gates
>got a cream pie in his face Wednesday
> as the Microsoft Corp. Chairman arriv=
>for a meeting with business and
> government leaders.
> ``We regret the incident (but) will n=
>press charges,'' said a spokesman for the
> Belgian office of Microsoft.
> Police arrested two people but did no=
>identity them. They were looking for a
> third person who was in on the prank.
> The pie thrower hit Gates full in the
>face as he entered the Concert Noble, an
> ornate hall where he was to meet
>Belgian computer industry and government
> leaders.
> With cream dripping on the shoulders =
>his dark business suit and covering the
> lenses of his glasses, Gates was led
>into a side room where he was dusted off.
> He later emerged, looking somewhat
>embarrassed as he met with Luc van den
> Brande, the prime minister of Flander=
>Belgium's Dutch-speaking northern
> half.
> =A9 Copyright 1998 The
>Associated Press