Re: Overcoming masturbation.

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Wed, 4 Feb 1998 17:01:51 -0800

> In a message dated 98-02-01 03:51:06 EST, you write:
> > Number 1, I have no idea what you're talking about.
> > Number 2, how much of a lack of life do you have that
> > you're willing to waste time emailing nonsense to a stranger?
> Number 1, You're name is on the webpage as the author.

You must be referring to the page

Items of note:

1. I forwarded this as a post to a mailing list.
If you read it, you'll see the actual author is Mark E. Petersen.

2. The point of my posting it was not to say I agree with the opinion.
The point of my posting was to demonstrate what some people
are distributing to children in school.

> Number 2, I have a wonderful life, it wasn't nonsense.

What life is that? A life consisting of searching the Internet for web
pages that contain material taking a stand against masturbation, for the
purposes of writing to those web page authors so they'll see the errors
in their ways?

> I am a mature professional adult.

It's true that there's no mistaking your potential.

> Get a grip......go to the site and see for yourself that your name,
> e-mail address, etc. is all there.

Of that I have no doubt. I'm just trying to get into your mind for a
moment and figure out why you felt the need to write me about it.

Not just you, but the millions of people like you who send emails
about things that are not worth spending any time on. Time is a
precious, finite resource; why waste it sending email to strangers?