RE: My music notes, Feb 4, 1998.

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 17:17:38 -0800

No... but they sound a bit too "pop" for me. :-)

I have a copy of the cover of Throbbing Gristle's "Mission of Dead Souls"
blown up and taped on my door at work. (Nice picture of the bay bridge, sort
of matching the view out my window.)

But Wayne, if you're still stuck on TG, you really have to try harder to
find more modern sources of difficult listening. I mean, TG broke up in
what, 1978??? You could move into the 80s by buying and memorizing
everything that Skinny Puppy did.

- Joe

PS. Thanks anyway for balancing out Adam's music notes. He's a great guy,
but he sure listens to a lot of suck music...

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> Hey Joe, ever heard of The Marzipan Bunnies? I'm still stuck on Throbbing
> Gristle, although The League Of Crafty Guitarists (Fripp and pals) is fun.
> Cheers,
> Wayne