Re: The Philosophy of Free Software

Daniel Veillard (
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 22:48:34 -0500

The philosophy has turned into action, the side effect of this
is that it's entering the real world as political decisions, and
will start affecting the life of more and more people if the
movement is not stopped. And like in any revolution this lead to
some kind of fight.
You can apply this scheme to nearly all philosophic movement
which leaves the world of ideas and salons to hit the real world.

There will certainly be a long term battle, choose your camp now,
or just look at it. Unfortunately history has proven that the battle
of the rich ones against the poor ones never really gave benefits
to the last ones. Usually all you get is a new high class that corrupts
the initial philosophic movement for they own profit ... But I'm
not yet pessimistic, it's just what's history tell me. Yet I'm
ready to fight, hopefully one can only wound minds and wallets, not
flesh in this battle, I don't expect much bad side effects.

For those looking at it enjoy the circus !


In that case: