Re: My music notes, Feb 4, 1998.

Arthur S. Hitomi (
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 19:09:49 -0800

>Celine Dion's trick to not release her song as a single may have paid off
>bigtime, but what is the deal with Loreena McKennitt? Not only is her
>"Mummer's Dance" not available as a single, but the cool version they're
>playing on radio and MTV is not available to buy ANYWHERE! What genius
>of marketing came up with this? The version on the album totally stinks;
>it sounds like slowed-down Enya gone horribly, horribly wrong. Do not,
>I repeat, do not buy this album if you want the single. Tape it off the
>radio instead.

Ditto. I went to Borders just before Xmas last year looking for some
new music. They had McKennitt's album at the listening station.
After sampling a few tracks, the music didn't sound that bad. That
was until I actually listened to the music. It was Enya alright -- on
a really bad trip. I must have been drunk the first time I heard it.

This was the first CD I returned in my life. I had to beg and plead
with the manager to take it back. After 15 minutes and a threat to
just leave it with him, I finally exchanged it for some British group
called Texas, a decent album as it turns out. Sidenote: When I heard
the "pumped" version of Mummer's dance I puked again. No amount of
air freshener could possibily mask that smell :)