RE: BMW computer makes driver turn into drink
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 09:17:58 -0800

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> From: Tim Byars []
> >Unfortunately, the BMW's map showed the presence of a bridge when it
> >should have indicated a ferry.
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> >As a result, the driver ignored the warnings of the real world - signs,
> >people shouting, flashing red lights, that sort of thing - placing his
> >faith instead on its electronic counterpart. He was rewarded for his
> >belief by being dumped in the water.'

I live on an island in Puget Sound, separated from Seattle, Washington
by a ferry link that Mapquest doesn't know about. When bound for an
unfamiliar location on the Eastside (that's Redmond et al), I get
accurate and detailed Mapquest directions about how to zero in on my
destination, as well as how to reach the highway grid from my driveway.

In between are pages of equally detailed instructions about how to
ignore the ferry and do a ludicrous, hours-long trek around the sound --
and this part's the same every time, of course.

Sounds like the Beemer provided correct info. It's typical expectations
overshoot that when it said "here are the directions", the driver
thought it had turned on the autopilot.

- Mike