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>>If it's Judaeo-Christian, why is it Eurocentric?
>Is this a troll?

Not deliberately (which I guess means it's not).

It's just that both Judaism and Christianity have their origins outside
Europe. Judaeo-Christian concepts are not European in origin.

So if marriage (of the type you are discussing) is a Judaeo-Christian
concept, then it is hardly Eurocentric and, if Eurocentric, could not really
be considered Judaeo-Christian.

You say that it "is quite widely accepted that in olden days most Jewish and
Christian people resided in the general vicinity of Europe and the
ex-Roman Empire."

It depends on when you place the "olden days". I would argue that the
concepts of Judaeo-Christianity have their origins long before there were
any Jews in Europe.

Of course, I assume your original comment was tongue in cheek so perhaps I
should have kept my mouth shut.