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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 13:04:26 -0800

You guys crack me up. There's a white supremist outfit that
uses the analogies about 10 bottles of milk, and states the world
is 9 bottles with chocolate in it. If you mix chocolate and non-chocolate
you still get chocolate. To this I say, Mmmmmm, Selma Hayek with
Hershey's....8-) (this being archived, I'll probably get tons
of emails on the virtues of [insert race] women again; also
I wonder if S.H. ever ego-surfed).

There's basically two views in the world, they have to do with
government sanctions. There is something called a discrimination
function. In mathematics, it is basically a partitioning function,
in politics, it's basically the same, a mechanism to perpetuate
racial discrimination. Some in governemnt want to identify
races down the the finest genetic makeup, where percentages of people
deserve proportional services, representations, or benefits. These
are known as the hyphen crowd. If you think women hyphenating their
last names was annoying and pretentious, don't even attend a party with
the likes of these. The opposite approach is to add a new category called
multi-racial to all sorts of government sanctioned forms. This has the
hyphen crowd jimcrowing because each of the individual groups can no longer
claim the widest possible membership and enjoy the widest possible
tangible and non-tangible benefits. This is also a first step to the
logical conclusion, ignoring race altogether with one big box:
None of your business.


Tom Whore wrote:
> > > Here's a PC mind puzzle. Is interracial breeding PC or non-PC? References:
> > > Guess who's Coming to Dinner
> > > says... a black community leader."
> > >
> > > Remember, the question is not whether interracial breeding is good or bad --
> > > the question is whether it is PC or non-PC.
> Thre is no doubt, interracial marriages will dilute one of the races
> involved.
> The question is, how secure is a races culture? Does dilution od genetic
> make up equate dilution of a cultural heritage?
> "every brothre aint a brother
> just cause of color" Chuck d