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Tom Whore (
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 13:25:22 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 31 Dec 1998, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> You guys crack me up. There's a white supremist outfit that
> uses the analogies about 10 bottles of milk, and states the world
> is 9 bottles with chocolate in it. If you mix chocolate and non-chocolate
> you still get chocolate. To this I say, Mmmmmm, Selma Hayek with
> Hershey's....8-) (this being archived, I'll probably get tons
> of emails on the virtues of [insert race] women again; also
> I wonder if S.H. ever ego-surfed).

There are all sorts of seperatists groups out there expounding the woes of
the genetic drift, the impure and imperefect diluting the racial purity of
the master greatness of (fill in a race).

>From your cable access fawazies to the arabian knight wearing soilder of
alllah to the pinch faced grenading tossing cracker...they all got the
same message ..." OUr senese of culture is so fragile that any other
settng on the toast bu the one god set it on will destroy our entire wy of

Save some miracle mass epiphany I think I can only hope for quick and
senseless deaths for all such muttonheads.

> None of your business.

Sense of culture starts between the ears. Youa itn got it there, all the
shirt wearing flag waving irish jig dancing kwanza celebrating guido
muscle car ridding clock building polka swinging maneuvering aint goona do
diddly shit for the culture itself. sure it may look good on the news, but
then , what does that realy say about what your true culture is.

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