Re: Quotes

Roy T. Fielding (
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 20:21:50 -0800

>Here's a PC mind puzzle. Is interracial breeding PC or non-PC? References:
>Guess who's Coming to Dinner

PC (politically correct) is defined by context. What is PC in your house
may be different than what is PC at work, PC within your city, or
PC on a national scale. As adjectives go, it doesn't say much, since
something can be PC whether it is or is not factually correct, and
vice versa.

I've never understood this notion of "race" anyway. All I can say for
sure is that, within my bedroom at least, interracial breeding is
definitely PC. Another case where philosophy and reality never cross paths.

....Roy (European/Maori, not to be confused with Caucasian/Pacific-American,
as if I gave a rat's ass about such things)