New Year's Resolutions

Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 08:39:41 -0800

Happy New Year, everyone.

-- Ernie P.

New Year's Resolutions
.. that I've (mostly) managed to keep so far

Ernest Prabhakar
January 2nd, 1999

I will buy any book that interests me, if I know I will read it more than

I will ride my bike to farther places

I will call waitresses by name

I will dance whenever I have the chance

I will go out to dinner with God more often

I will give clothes to Goodwill sooner (improving both their wardrobe and

I will worry less about what women think of me, and more about what I think
of them

I will wear patterned socks

I will enjoy fruit

I will takes naps if I need to, and get up early if I can (rather than vice

I will trust that God has something better for me when I don't get what I

I will not be afraid of doing what nobody else would do

I will worry less about what things cost, and more about what they're worth

I will remember that time --like frequent flyer miles -- is meant to be
spent, not hoarded

I will choose to believe that I am a valuable (even if flawed) human being,
and that it is other people's problem if they don't treat me that way.
Especially cute women.

I will smile at people more, and believe I can brighten up their day by
doing so

I will get away from work

I will help little old ladies carry their bags

I will eat what I want, but only when I'm hungry

I will share my life with people I care about

I will treat today as chance to build upon yesterday and invest (in myself)
for tomorrow

I will be happy to see people, even if I don't always enjoy them

Ernest N. Prabhakar, Ph.D.