Re: Barney: Good&Evil

Tim Byars (
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 13:53:02 -0800

At 11:59 AM -0800 1/3/99, Ron Resnick wrote:
>So, since when did FoRK turn into such a serious place anyway?
>Java, Linux, open source licenses - pfui - this is where the wrestlers
>hang out, no?

Me and Tom Whore. Don't think anyone else gets it.

>The Internet is pathetic.
>No - more precisely, Usenet & the Web are pathetic.

Usenet is amazingly pathetic.

>No - more precisely, Yahoo indices are pathetic.

One word for you, Sherlock.

>No - sorry - I had it right the first time - the Internet is pathetic.

No it's just different then it was when it was great.


>contains listings indexed by Yahoo, based on submissions presumably,
>dealing with Barney. Under this URL are two subcategories-
>"Anti-Barney" and "Pro-Barney".

The fact the Microsoft teamed with Barney should pretty much say it all.

>I dare Rohit to show his true compassion for the little'uns by
>adding the FoRK archive pages to the Pro-Barney ring! Do some good
>to start off 1999.

Yeah, there is a big chance of that happening.

>Yeah, so I have kids that are into Barney - wanna make something of it?
>[My eldest, Daniel, will happily watch Barney on TV, and then
>walk over to me, playing QuakeII,
>to suggest that I use my hyperblaster against the
>Icarus, and then lob grenades at the Tank, and not to forget
>the secret in the upper left corner. Kids are just amazing :-).]

Well to each his own. If I had a kid instead of my dog, he or she would be
turning 13 in March. And I'd have to explain that 'N Sync sucks. That Usher
sucks. That one day they'll be embarrassed because they liked the Spice
girls. That their idiots if they even consider getting married before 25.

Instead I have a dog that costs virtually nothing, still rocks and is fun
to play with, always greets me with love, and lays on my feet keeping them
warm while I play Quake II. (Actually that is a lie because I don't play


Lets put the *fun* back in dysfunctional...

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