Re: Where there is SPARC, there is fire

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 16:51:11 -0800

> So now I have an index and y'all don't :-)

Speak for yourself. I had it all nice and indexed
with my InfoSeek server, until they wanted to charge
me $4k for indexing 50,000 documents, complete
with sub-collections, smart typings, and everything. In
the first week of the trial version, I pointed it to Xent
and sucked the living breath out of the FoRK archives, but
only about 12% ended up being bits.


> When is someone going to ship a 'tractor beam search engine' that
> you can run on one server and point at any ol' web site and suck
> over the bits -- involuntary indexing?
> Tangentially,
> Rohit