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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 08:44:53 -0800

But I'm willing to learn. I got a call yesterday from
an SGI rep. She asked me how I felt about NT workstations,[1]
I told her that they could take a flying fuck at a rolling
donut. They are offering these new Intel-based workstations
that are very cool, but I told her it was a waste to put
anything other than linux on it. They have a $6k model that
you can put 4 processors in it. I had to call my friend at
SGI the other day and I told him to 5-finger discount one
for me. He says he can't even get one himself and SGI
is too stingy to be handing out free equipment to pretentious
young academics who bash their operating systems.

Irix is a nice operating
system and I run 6.3 on my O2, but it's proprietary and too
factored with repsect to their hardware. At least Sun hides
the incompatible parts of their OS kernel with Solaris. On
Irix, you sometimes have to recompile between minor versions.
I still can't figure out the correct flags for making sure it
uses the 64-bit libraries. I had to recompile gcc and apache
5 or 6 times the other week. I finally gave up and installed
Netscape FastTrack 3.0.2, which claims it's the world's fastest
SPECWeb96 server alive[2]. The performance numbers are good,
but they just tweaked the config. Maybe the Sitara [3] people
should tell them to Sitdowna and Shutuppa, but I haven't heard
anything from their camp since HTTP/1.1 was released.



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> See Greg it's all about class. Steve has it, Bill doesn't.
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> worked and I could be playing Playstation games on it right now, file.
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