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> Robert Harley writes:
> > Yup. I expect them to add knives soon. I mean, you might *claim* you
> > want one to cut your Christmas turkey, but perhaps you actually intend
> > to murder some honest God-fearing American citizens! However assault
> > rifles are presumably OK.
> Actually I remember hearing about a really nasty story of someone
> already running up against this sort of thing --- the grandmother of a
> friend (if I recall correctly) packed a carving knife in her luggage,
> and wound up getting detained by airport security.
> My apologies for not necessarily being straight on all the details,
> here, though; I heard this particular story in the playground at my
> elementary school...

In the early days of airport security scans, I'm going through with a
colleague -- as his briefcase is going through the scanner, the official
barks out, "What's that?"

He looks: "Oh, it's an X-Acto knife."


"NO! NO! I mean it's a tool I use for making presentation charts!"

"Oh, okay..."

I'm not making this up. I think it may have gotten less discretionary
since then. I thought the only esthetically proper sequel to this would
have been for him to hold it against somebody's throat and hijack the
plane, but he wouldn't do it. Some friend.