RE: And a spin from teh left and a spin from teh right
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 22:29:40 -0800

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> >Apple BASIC for the 6502 was licensed from Microsoft and was very
> >similar to the Intel/Zilog implementations you mention. (I would have
> >thought that it was delivered in 1978, but I might be off by one.)
> >
> >A different (Tiny BASIC based?) implementation existed within Apple,
> >but wasn't the one they sold.
> Pardon my geeking out here, but there were two versions of
> basic that apple used for the appleII line.

My point was to confirm what tomwhore said about the licensing going way
back, and to indicate that the cooperation and the competition have been
intertwined throughout the two companies' histories.

I should have stopped there; sounds like I was off base with the "wasn't
the one they sold" bit.