FW: 01-13-99: ACLU-e, A New Lecture Course and Salon

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"No right is more precious in a free country than that of having a voice
the election of those who make the laws under which, as good citizens,
must live. Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right
vote is undermined."

-- Justice Hugo L. Black, Wesberry v. Sanders (1964)

Dear ACLU Member:

If your New Year's resolution list includes learning more about
civil liberties issues, we invite you to sign up for ACLU-e, a new
course and salon at the ACLU Freedom Network web site.

Our first course for 1999 -- Voting Rights and Minority Representation

begins on Tuesday, January 19th. Course registrants will receive 
easy-to-follow instructions on how to participate by e-mail.

Other courses planned this spring include an examination of privacy in the United States and a look at crime and civil liberties.

For complete information on ACLU-e, click the following link*: http://www.aclu.org/aclu-e. To sign up for the voting rights course, send e-mail to aclu-e@aclu.org with the name of the course in the subject line.

* Some email programs allow you to click on a web address and automatically go to the site. Others, like AOL, do not. If you use an email program that does not provide for clickable web addresses, copy the URL and paste it into your web browser.


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