Re: essential Palm Pilot apps? (redux)

John M. Klassa (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:35:55 -0500

Essential Pilot apps/things, redux.

1. Check out; lots of good stuff.

2. FPS Util Pro is good (status, RAM left, battery life, so forth).

3. AvantGo (two votes, even!) is worthwhile as an offline web
browser. For Unix people, it's not so good because it requires
the use of an app on the PC side.

4. PilotWatch is a handy travel alarm.

5. Mille Bournes is a rockin' game.

6. A pager card is worth checking out... People tend to like
the Pilot/pager combo.

7. The GoType keyboard is a must-have.

8. "Roll Em", for the semi-serious D&D player.

Thanks for the feedback!

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