All this sounds so cool. Can I join FoRK?

Kieron Lawson (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 19:03:43 +1300

Here's a little bit about myself in the hope you'll find me worthy
enough to join FoRK. Tongue not necessarily in cheek, but definitely
floating in the general vicinity.

I have plenty of books and music.

Yet, as a lowly grasshopper, I know nothing.

I'm a New Zealander, and someone once said that New Zealand is to
Australia what Canada is to the US. Of course that's actually a load of
crap - the truth is the opposite. We had a prime-minister in the early
eighties who commented that the mass exodus of Kiwi's to Australia (then
about 20,000 per annum) had the effect of raising the average IQ of both

That's true, and although IQ in itself is a questionable measure of
intelligence I like to use mine to convince myself (and those around me)
that I truly am in the top 1% of the population.

Strangely enough intelligence never begat wisdom, as I've done enough
stupid things in my life to learn that lesson.

For play I dabble in photography (mainly wasting film on my gorgeous
daughters), design and build furniture, cook mean indian and italian
dinners, and do the cryptic crossword in the morning paper.

For work I'm contract programming - at the moment, actually quite a lot
- but am continually bored and distracted with the thought I must be
able to make something out of the internet. Somehow.

So I figure the best way to do that is, as Johnny-Five would say "Input,
Input". I know how to wring the best out of the web, search engines,
and usenet, but find the mediocrity and sheer stupidity of the 97%ers to
be both mind-numbing and mystifying. Wandering through various
newsletter sites (strangely enough, most of which are on the FoRK
"regular reading" list), I stumbled across a link to FoRK on Mike
Masnick's up-to-date site. FoRK seems to fit the Input criteria, and I
hope over time as I become a self-proclaimed expert I can start to
increase my level of output so I too can become a narcissist rather than
just a lurker.

I've read the FAQ, and yes, I know who the real Robert X is.

Kieron Lawson.

Kieron Lawson, Database Developments Ltd